4 Life changing experiences recommended for travelers

From a couple of weeks driving a continent to a year working remotely abroad

1. Avoid winter for one year

Some countries don’t know what is to experience winter, like Costa Rica, Singapore or Indonesia, and other countries experience summer at the beginning of the year.

If you live in the USA or Europe, why not to spend from January to March in Argentina or South Africa, its summer time down there, and maybe spend October to December in places where it is spring all year long like Medellin, Colombia. A year without winter and an opportunity to become a remote worker or a digital nomad.

2. Fall in love with a city and become a local outside your country

After years or even decades in the same city, maybe is time for a big change, pick a place to rest from the heavy traffic, escape from stress, and it doesn’t have to be more expensive than the place you live in already.

At the beginning it could be hard to adapt to a new place, with different cultures and languages, but after a couple of weeks you could be feeling like a local riding a bike in Copenhagen, or attending a soccer match in Rio de Janeiro.

3. Drive a continent

Traveling from USA to Asia in less than 15 hours flight makes us feel the world is a smaller place than it really is. Taking a car and make a road trip of weeks will change the way we see distance, enjoying the most amazing landscapes you are avoiding when you fly.

Madrid to Moscow, is only 40 hours drive, that could be a one week road trip, visiting more than 8 countries and cities like Paris and Berlin.

Santiago de Chile in the Pacific coast to Rio de Janeiro in the Atlantic coast is a 50 hours drive, also an amazing experience to explore the Patagonia, the Andes Mountains and the beautiful beaches of Brazil.

4. Escape from your fixed workplace and join a travel program for remote workers

Work as we know it is changing rapidly, gradually more jobs do not require to be physically inside an office, even more jobs are oriented to results and not to occupy a fixed position from 9AM to 5PM, this added to the wave of entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent workers such as programmers, designers, writers, photographers, among others, are redefining what we know as a workplace.

Traveling the world, visiting multiple cities, being a tourist on weekends and a weekday remote worker is becoming a realistic way of life. To make this experience something to share in community, without worrying about logistics and focusing on working and enjoying, there are some Startups launching programs that go from a few weeks in an island like Hackers Paradise, between 1 to 6 months traveling a continent like Workplace Anywhere, up to a full year traveling the world like Remote Year.