How do you ask your boss to let you work remotely?

Steps 1 through 5

Working from a distance is an increasingly popular option thanks to technological advances and the advantages it represents for your company and your professional growth. But how do you convince your boss? The following recommendations will help to convince your manager when you want to work from home or even from another country. Take note and welcome to the world of working remotely.

1. Flexibility = Commitment  

Of course. Flexibility brings with it a high dose of responsibility and commitment. The first suggestion is to let your boss know that by not being present in the usual work space your responsibilities will be the same and that, in this work remotely model, companies are experiencing that the employee tends to be more effective because of their commitment to the organization.On the other hand, changing your work environment changes the monotony of people and activates creativity, allowing work to be achieved in an even shorter time than estimated. Not bad for your boss, is it?

2. Work while traveling, the new working model 

Every day more companies adopt this model to get more benefits for employees. For example, this new concept is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and specifically in countries like England, India and USA. How can you use this in your favor? Show your boss that being at the forefront of industry, at the leading edge of technological and generational changes, will produce an innovative culture and attract excellent talent to your company.We recommend telling your boss that big companies are beginning to understand that to keep people with talent, they must exploit their creativity by giving them unusual spaces. You can make a presentation and explain which companies have applied this to their business and what benefits they have obtained.

3. Enrichment for the company                          

Tell your boss: having your employees working around the world will only represent benefits and experiences. Upon their return they will have many business models to           establish in their company. Although conferences and training are beneficial, the fact that someone from the company is trained abroad is unique and surely your boss will         profit from this.

You must tell your boss: Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica and Peru. Six countries with business models that can be very profitable if they are mixed. How? It is             not necessary to move or open branches around the world: simply a reliable worker can work from a distance and enrich their knowledge and effectiveness in the industry in               another country, sharing their cultural experiences.

Why will this benefit your boss? Because these types of initiatives make companies more attractive not only to customers, but also to employees themselves. For example, this             is a new item that can compete with a salary when someone is interested in a vacancy. Who would not want to work from anywhere in the world?

 4. Maintain the“backbone

This is a way to oxygenate older workers in the company. Is your boss worried about losing the people he trusts and who has been by his side for years? Well, this model will be            like starting over for them. In addition another benefit: the productivity of a happy team is going to be bigger.

The fourth step: Tell your boss that you can reinvigorate the team and thus keep his employees more efficient and experienced.

5. It is not a vacation

That is the first thing that your boss is going to tell you and also the first thing you must make clear from the beginning. Agreements, performance indicators, due dates,                        commitments, etc. must be considered. The responsibility is two-way , as the benefits: it will improve the company, will bring new models to the company, and will develop                  personnel since international perspectives will always be enriching.