Buenos Aires

Dec 1 - 31, 2017

Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city that brings to its guests a rich mixture of architecture and beautiful parks with cultural heritage, unique traditions, and friendly people, making this city one of the most exciting capitals of the world.

Its streets full of live orchestras playing Tango music everywhere, from cozy neighborhood bars to grand symphony halls, create a romantic and sensual atmosphere.

You will enjoy incredible restaurants, known for their famous Argentinian barbecue and world-class wines, as well as pizzerias, pasta houses and ice cream shops. At night enjoy the lights of this beautiful city, created for nomads eager to take and learn from the experiences this wonderful city has to offer.

But if futbol (soccer) is really your passion, you will experience the core of this city at its fullest: from the “El Monumental” to “La Bombonera”, two of the most recognized stadiums in the world, you will get an experience like no other, and perhaps understand that long-lasting rivalry between two legendary and truly South American futbol clubs: River Plate and Boca Juniors.