Santiago de Chile

Nov 1 - 31, 2017

Extraordinary, cosmopolitan and sophisticated, Santiago de Chile is the next stop of the journey. Known for its culture, Santiago offers a wide spectrum of museums, cafes, art galleries and design shops. For the more outdoorsy spirit, start off with a ride on the funicular to San Cristobal Hill, followed by a wine route, visits to parks and nature reserves. Enjoy the wonderful landscapes, snowboarding parks, hiking and many other activities that easily blend with nature.

Nightlife is embraced by sidewalk restaurants, pubs and beer halls, easy to find along different neighborhoods including Lastarria, once the bohemian hub of the city, with a mix of cafes, restaurants and live music.


A tour to Valparaiso, major seaport of the country, offers a rewarding experience with nature, full of colors and flavors. It also offers remarkable nightlife, including traditional bars and nightclubs, which can be found near Plaza Sotomayor. 

This month will be a great opportunity to know more about wines, walk through vineyards and live closer to the Andes, while you keep working on your project, and enriching your network of contacts, friends and loved ones in this adventure.